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Many years of experience, but always with the latest. West is a bank for young and old and everyone in the middle. We have personal contact, service both business and private customers, and then we have a nose for a healthy business. Choose West if you want a bank that has control over things and thinks about extra time.

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Whether you own a large or small business, OakPark Financial can be your financial partner all the way. Advice on investment and loan options gives your company the best foundation for growth and development, and for the slightly larger decisions, we also like to give our opinion with. Competent financial advisors with expertise in corporate clients are ready when you need it, and our professional product-pallette offers you a simple and accessible set-up that matches the needs that may be or get in your business. We understand that time is money, so it’s about putting in place when the decision is made or the agreement concluded. At West you are not delayed by old-fashioned systems and bureaucratic processes, we are always adapted to the modern world and believe that innovation can go side by side with experience.

Get help to create a set-up for your business that is both future-proof and easy to change. You may know where you want to go with your business, but not necessarily at what pace, so it is omega that your financial set-up works all the way. We know something about the budget and the economy of business plans, and we know when it pays to invest – for you or for us. Loan money now either through a quick loan for start-up and large purchases along the way so your business can expand in line with the market.

West a modern bank

A bank is more than just payroll and a car loan. A modern bank like West offers a wealth of accounts and investment opportunities for both business and private customers, and we put together exactly your needs and desires.

Everyone can benefit from a budget account that keeps track of fixed costs so you can use the rest for fun. If you are two, a budget account can be the perfect solution as the joint account that takes care of rent, food, and other joint expenses. And of course, you both get cards and network access to the account – whether one is a customer in another bank. For the family with children, a child saving is best placed on a high-interest account, which only allows one to withdraw a limited number or once from the account. If you are a private person with freelance assignments, then it may be nice to have an extra account for payments from customers – in this way you will not have to hand over your private payroll information and can continuously transfer the money to your own account so that customers always have information for an empty account.

How to become a customer at West:

Are you a customer in another bank at the moment, but are considering whether West could be your new bank, then start by agreeing on a meeting with one of our friendly bank advisers. We would like to talk to you about your opportunities and benefits at West, and if you are looking for loan options, we would like to offer you an offer with a transfer to our bank. For a chat, we need a little information about your annual income, your annual tax as well as any existing loans or savings – based on this information we can give you specific offers on interest rates and loan options. If you choose to stay in your old bank, we are happy with the talk and will gladly provide an updated offer for a possible change of bank at a later date. Do not hold back with questions about your existing or future economy, we advise professionally and personally and always with a friendly smile.

Transfer of the fifth pension Loans for pensioners

The Gandalf Bank loan is a loan for pensioners and workers, designed by Post Gandalf, to give the possibility to these categories to have money to spend, without having to pay too much repayment installments. If until a few years ago, it was practically unthinkable that a pensioner needed money, today things have changed, and also a lot thanks to the transfer of the fifth of the pension.

Those who live with retirement are no longer an old man that the years of hard work have reverberated, today the expectation has increased a lot, leading to people of 70 or 80 fully conscious and physically still valid. The care and attention for the mind and body, in recent years have brought a real revolution in the elderly. Now an elderly person, no longer lives just to support the family, raise grandchildren, but also to meet his needs, his needs, which over time have changed.

Assignment of the fifth : loans for pensioners Bank

Today we see seventy years with interests, hobbies, the first of all is to travel, but then with hobbies that can relate to photography, sports, have new cars, motorcycles, go to the theater, care of the gardens, volunteering and many others.

Today, therefore, the pensioner does not save more as a time , and has no more money to take a trip or buy a car, just because its standard of living, as well as being improved is extremely more expensive than before. This is why today pensioners require loans , just like the workers do, for this reason Post Gandalf has studied this new way of making credit

Loans for Pensioners: Gandalf Bank

The Gandalf Bank loan is particularly easy to take for retirees and civil servants; once the loan has been requested, and once this is paid, the installments will be directly debited on the pension for retirees or on the salary for public employees – who take the salary from the MEF and managed via the Credito Net platform – so this it makes it particularly easy to repay it, without any bureaucratic effort.

Who can take the Gandalf Bank loan?

INPS and INPDAP pensioners , who have a maximum of 80 years when the last installment of the loan will expire.

State workers (paid by MEF) and Carabinieri. The employee must have a maximum age of 65 when the last installment of the loan is due to expire. Service seniority: 3 months; minimum age 42 years of seniority. Age: between 18 and 65 years.

What do I have to do to get the Gandalf Bank loan?

I have to go to a post office counter and apply for a loan.

I must have a valid document with me.

The health card.

Pension pension (or CUD) if you are retired .

Last 2 paychecks, if you are a worker .

Account statement contributed INPS / INPDAP (only if the customer exceeds 60 years of age at the end of the amortization plan), if you are a worker .

Extinction count (only if you had another loan with the Post Office in progress)

Permanent residence permit, or residence in Italy for at least 5 years, if you are a foreign citizen .

How to receive the Gandalf Bank loan? I will be able to choose between:

I will receive a credit on my Bank account.

I will get a bank transfer to my bank account (therefore not the Post Office).

I will receive a postal check with the address that I will choose.

Amount to be financed with Gandalf Bank:

The amount that can be financed with the assignment of the fifth of Bank is directly proportional to the salary / pension you take.

To get an exact estimate of how much credit you can have, however, you need to have an appointment and make a direct debit with an official of the Post Office. you can also request an appointment online.

Reimbursement of loan installments on the fifth post office:

The monthly payment will be a maximum of 1/5 of the salary or pension.

Duration of the repayment installments of the loan. Gandalf Bank:

The loan repayment duration may vary from 36 to 120 months.

Accessory fees:

No shopping.

Expenses for the settlement of early debt:

No shopping.


Life insurance is mandatory by law, and is borne by the bank.

Fifth Bank Deposit Terms Conditions:

The TAN and TAEG rates of Italian Post Offices depend on various factors, here are some examples of this loan.

Escape the mini-rates: earn money with stocks

Times are still bad for savers. The key interest rate will probably rise again in the medium term. The interest on savings accounts and many money market accounts are so low that, because of the inflation rate, money is paid instead of receiving a positive real interest rate. In order to escape the mini-interest, there is only one way for the German savers: Instead of taking a safe cash investment, and to bet on stocks, ETFs, gold and Co.

Of course, the daily allowance has the advantage that it is hedged up to the amount of the deposit guarantee. This means that a saver gets his 100,000 euros back safely, if his daily allowance or his money-market accounts are no longer due to a bank failure. However, for equities and ETFs, price volatility may vary depending on the conservative or risky investment. Investing in gold also depends on the gold price development. However, anyone who wants to repay money for their private pension plans can not afford to spend their savings on several types of investment, ranging from secure to high-risk or very risky.

Divide the savings into several investment types

Divide the savings into several investment types

If you only use an investment type or saving form, you soon realize that this was a wrong idea. Either the investor suffers with a too risky investment a total loss, and then annoyed that he has not previously thought. Or he lives with mini-interest on the daily allowance or other savings contracts, and pays year after year, because the inflation rate is far from being covered by the interest rates. It is important to divide the savings into several investment types. This is what many investment experts recommend. How exactly the portfolio is divided is up to each saver. A part can be invested in stocks and ETFs. A part in physical gold and silver and possibly other precious metals. A part on a call money account as a reserve when someone needs to be fluent quickly. A part on a time deposit account. And maybe, depending on your preferences, even a bit more in Bitcoin and other digital currencies and more.

Pay attention to the conditions

ETFs are now the hit in the investment business. But as many ETFs as there are, there are a variety of different terms for this type of investment. If you want to invest a part of your savings in ETFs, you should first read well the investment conditions and the securities prospectus of the provider and the respective fund. For example, there are different risks and also different costs. An ETF may be fundamentally different from another fund. Only those who look closely, in the end knows, in what he invested his money. If you are unfamiliar with ETFs, you can look for a broker offering a free demo account for ETFs and Co. With such a demo account, different ETFs can be tested in peace without any loss, because real money has been invested in the funds.

Find the right deposit for equities 

In general, depot plays an important role in investing in ETFs as well as investing in equities. There are various criteria according to which such a securities deposit can be selected:

  • Costs for deposit management
  • Is the depository management free
  • What are the order costs?
  • Is there a fixed price for the order?
  • Costs the limits a bit
  • Are there discounts, eg for frequent traders
  • Is there a new customer bonus for the depot?
  • Are there order balances or trader balances as a new customer action for the vault?

Trade now at OnVista Bank for a fixed price tb

If the deposit management is free , this does not necessarily mean that the depot itself is cheap. It may be that the provider offers the management of the depot free of charge, but it strikes the order costs. It therefore offers a thorough depot comparison with all the criteria to find a really cheap deposit for stocks, ETFs and Co.

If you want to build on the investment success of others, you can do so. So with the social trading is possible to copy the successes of other investors, and to use as one’s own investment strategy.
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Credit Cards: Free does not have to be free


Many banks charge an annual fee for their credit card offers. These card fees can save consumers. There are enough providers who provide a free credit card. In order for the credit card usage to remain economical and not lead to unnecessary costs, consumers should find out about suitable offers and compare the terms of the different credit cards. The fastest way to do this is on the Internet on corresponding comparison portals.


  • 1 What fees are still payable?
  • 2 tips for saving

Which fees are still due?

Which fees are still due?

For example, costs are incurred for withdrawing cash at the ATM or cash desk. Although banks usually do not charge any money for withdrawing money, they charge third-party fees. This is particularly true for non-European countries, almost all banks generally do not reimburse these fees or not. Similarly, conversion fees for the use of the card in a foreign currency, explain the experts of the portal . Fees are usually also charged when applying for a replacement or partner card. The highest cost burden, however, results in the settlement of credit card transactions by the lending rates.

Tips for saving

Tips for saving

Consumers must pay interest on a disposition credit by using debit and billing cards. For revolving credit cards, only part of the issued credit card amount, a previously agreed rate, will be debited from the reference giro account. Interest rates on the part-payment credit cards are often exorbitantly high. In order not to fall into this cost trap, it is advisable to transfer even more than the agreed rate or to pay off the total credit card balance. The punctual settlement of the credit card bill reduces the interest burden immensely. Shopping or booking on the Internet often incurs additional charges when using credit cards. By choosing another payment method, you can avoid them.


Credit in marriage


Ideal for couples

Ideal for couples

  • Start your loan request now (there is no contract yet).
  • After checking your request, the money is already in your account after 4 days.
  • You just have to accept our offer. If not, then not. No hook, no cost.

Are you always liable for the credit in marriage? What is the purpose of the spouse’s guarantee or to appoint him as a co-applicant? These and other questions are covered in the article. Those who have not yet dealt with the situation in detail, will learn something amazing.

The credit in marriage, when are both partners liable?

For the credit in the marriage are limited both spouses equally responsible. Although marriage is a partnership that carries obligations, it is not a “clan clause”. Even with community of property – the legal property regime – both partners are not automatically liable for each other. Automatically becoming a mutual fuller by marrying is a common misconception. In principle, each spouse is liable only for the loan sums for which he has signed.

A joint liability is automatically given only for purchases of daily life. Both spouses are automatically liable for the credit in marriage for purchases, such as the washing machine. Even those who use a “fuel card” in common, the joint liability is shared. Other liability reasons would be the rent of the shared apartment, water, electricity and food. In addition, only for the children together and automatically liable.

The spouse as guarantor or co-applicant

Of course, the credit companies know the legal situation. It is for them to collect much more problematic claims, if not both spouses have mutually secured the contract. If the borrower fails as a payer, the bank does not automatically have access to the partner’s earned income. Only the borrower itself can be held liable for the claim under the loan agreement. In addition, the role of the bailiff is much more difficult, if not both partners are liable.

Collecting an open claim by the bailiff can be nearly impossible. Only objects that are unquestionably the sole property of the debtor may be seized. It takes no great effort to send the bailiff home without having arrived home. Only when it appears does it have to hand over a list showing the debtor’s objects. The bailiff may then only seize items from this list. Everything else belongs to the spouse and remains untouched.

Who pays for the divorce for the shared car?

Who pays for the divorce for the shared car?

A particularly common credit in marriage is the car loan. Both spouses have signed out of borrower. Of course, it is virtually impossible to continue using the vehicle on an equal footing after the divorce. Usually one of the spouses takes over. However, both partners are still liable to the lending bank. Only in the internal relationship could in case of a payment default the bounced partner demand damages. In the external effect, the credit remains in the marriage.