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The Gandalf Bank loan is a loan for pensioners and workers, designed by Post Gandalf, to give the possibility to these categories to have money to spend, without having to pay too much repayment installments. If until a few years ago, it was practically unthinkable that a pensioner needed money, today things have changed, and also a lot thanks to the transfer of the fifth of the pension.

Those who live with retirement are no longer an old man that the years of hard work have reverberated, today the expectation has increased a lot, leading to people of 70 or 80 fully conscious and physically still valid. The care and attention for the mind and body, in recent years have brought a real revolution in the elderly. Now an elderly person, no longer lives just to support the family, raise grandchildren, but also to meet his needs, his needs, which over time have changed.

Assignment of the fifth : loans for pensioners Bank

Today we see seventy years with interests, hobbies, the first of all is to travel, but then with hobbies that can relate to photography, sports, have new cars, motorcycles, go to the theater, care of the gardens, volunteering and many others.

Today, therefore, the pensioner does not save more as a time , and has no more money to take a trip or buy a car, just because its standard of living, as well as being improved is extremely more expensive than before. This is why today pensioners require loans , just like the workers do, for this reason Post Gandalf has studied this new way of making credit

Loans for Pensioners: Gandalf Bank

The Gandalf Bank loan is particularly easy to take for retirees and civil servants; once the loan has been requested, and once this is paid, the installments will be directly debited on the pension for retirees or on the salary for public employees – who take the salary from the MEF and managed via the Credito Net platform – so this it makes it particularly easy to repay it, without any bureaucratic effort.

Who can take the Gandalf Bank loan?

INPS and INPDAP pensioners , who have a maximum of 80 years when the last installment of the loan will expire.

State workers (paid by MEF) and Carabinieri. The employee must have a maximum age of 65 when the last installment of the loan is due to expire. Service seniority: 3 months; minimum age 42 years of seniority. Age: between 18 and 65 years.

What do I have to do to get the Gandalf Bank loan?

I have to go to a post office counter and apply for a loan.

I must have a valid document with me.

The health card.

Pension pension (or CUD) if you are retired .

Last 2 paychecks, if you are a worker .

Account statement contributed INPS / INPDAP (only if the customer exceeds 60 years of age at the end of the amortization plan), if you are a worker .

Extinction count (only if you had another loan with the Post Office in progress)

Permanent residence permit, or residence in Italy for at least 5 years, if you are a foreign citizen .

How to receive the Gandalf Bank loan? I will be able to choose between:

I will receive a credit on my Bank account.

I will get a bank transfer to my bank account (therefore not the Post Office).

I will receive a postal check with the address that I will choose.

Amount to be financed with Gandalf Bank:

The amount that can be financed with the assignment of the fifth of Bank is directly proportional to the salary / pension you take.

To get an exact estimate of how much credit you can have, however, you need to have an appointment and make a direct debit with an official of the Post Office. you can also request an appointment online.

Reimbursement of loan installments on the fifth post office:

The monthly payment will be a maximum of 1/5 of the salary or pension.

Duration of the repayment installments of the loan. Gandalf Bank:

The loan repayment duration may vary from 36 to 120 months.

Accessory fees:

No shopping.

Expenses for the settlement of early debt:

No shopping.


Life insurance is mandatory by law, and is borne by the bank.

Fifth Bank Deposit Terms Conditions:

The TAN and TAEG rates of Italian Post Offices depend on various factors, here are some examples of this loan.