5 things to know about Steve Lacy

Steve Lacy

After weeks of languishing in the top 10 of the Hot 100 behind hits like Harry Styles’ “As It Was,” Steve Lacy’s “Bad Habit” finally climbs to the top spot on the biggest and most competitive music chart. . in the USA

The tune, which has proven to be a huge hit on streaming platforms and with young audiences, is the premier champion for guitarist, singer, songwriter and producer Lacy, who has been in the industry for years.

So who is this multi-talented figure who now rules America with the #1 song? Here are five things to know about Steve Lacy.

He identifies as bisexual

As of 2017, Lacy has publicly stated that he identifies as bisexual.

“As a kid, I just thought it would be a fantasy. Am I kissing a boy?” he shared in an interview with The Guardian. He added: “It was so outside of anything I could get; it sounds crazy, electrifying, that it could ever happen to me.

He described that when he was growing up, he didn’t feel like he saw LGBTQ men he identified with, and his surroundings made him believe he wouldn’t act on his impulses. That likely changed in the years since, and he now seems very comfortable discussing his sexuality.

He is also in a group

Lacy is currently making a name for himself as a solo star, but before going solo he garnered critical acclaim and some commercial success as a member of a band.

The chart topper is part of alternative R&B group The Internet, who have released several albums together.

Although the collective has been largely silent for several years now, it doesn’t appear that they’ve officially split up, so new music could be coming anytime.

He has been nominated for several Grammys

As a member of The Internet, Lacy earned two Grammy nominations, both in the relatively new category of Best Urban Contemporary Album.

His first nod came to him in 2016 for The Internet’s album Death of the egoand he was back for another shot at fame in 2020 with his first solo effort Apollo XXI.

Although he didn’t win any trophies, he could very well earn several more nods at the next ceremony.

He’s worked with so many amazing musicians

Throughout his career, Lacy has worked with some of the most talented and beloved musicians in the industry in one way or another. He has collaborated with tons of well-known artists, sometimes as an artist, while other times it’s as a songwriter or producer.

Lacy’s discography includes collaborations with Kendrick Lamar, Calvin Harris, Tyler, the Creator, Frank Ocean, Vampire Weekend, Chloe x Halle, Solange and J. Cole, to name a few.

He started early

Lacy joined the internet in 2015, when he was probably only 17 years old. He earned his first Grammy nomination at the age of 17 or 18, an incredible feat for someone so young.

He is now only 22 years old and reaching new heights of popularity, critical acclaim and chart success. It’s impressive for someone in their early twenties to reach the top spot on the Hot 100, but it’s important to remember that Lacy has already been in the music business for over half a decade.

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