A Robb Elementary teacher has finally returned home after spending a month in the hospital recovering from a bullet wound. He is also the cousin of the police chief of Uvalde and says they have not spoken since the shooting.

A Robb Elementary teacher who was injured in the mass shooting says he has not spoken to his cousin, Uvalde School District Police Chief Pete Arredondo, since the shooting.

On May 24, a gunman killed 19 students and 2 teachers in Uvalde, Texas. Eleven of them students were in Arnulfo Reyes’ 4th grade class. During the tragedy, Reyes was first shot in the arm. He play dead for an hour until the shooter shot him again in the back.

Speaking with NPR, Reyes said her classroom doorknob had been broken for at least two years. He said he didn’t understand why his cousin claims having searched for keys when Reyes’ door was unlocked.

“I wish he’d said, ‘I’m going to go because it’s my family.’ But he didn’t,” Reyes said.

Arredondo has come under public scrutiny from the community and victims’ families for his department’s slow response to the mass shooting. Earlier this month he resigned from his position as a municipal councilor and is on administrative leave.

According NPR, Reyes is unsure if he will return to teaching after working in primary school for seven years. He said the loss of his students haunts him, but the support of his community helps him cope.

“I’m here. And a big part of what keeps me going through all of this is the love I get from my community, the love I get from my family, and the thought that I want to make things happen for my students,” reyes said“that they would not die in vain.”

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