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If ever there was a time for triple-A rated stocks, this is it. There are global supply chain issues, which affect dozens of sectors. There’s still pandemic stimulus money lying around trying to find somewhere to go. And there are consumers and businesses who are affected by rising inflation.

While the easy answer is to blame the politicians in charge, the fact is that we are at the beginning of a historic event. In 2008, central banks around the world stepped in to save the global economy from the banking crisis.

They built an environment of low growth and low interest rates, also known as the zero interest rate policy (ZIRP). And over the past 14 years, it’s remained essentially untouched – until now. Markets don’t like uncertainty, and what comes after ZIRP and the pandemic is uncertainty.

A triple A rating from my portfolio binder means momentum, fundamentals and overall outlook are top rated. These triple-A rated actions will help you get through this ordeal and beyond:

  • Commercial Metals Co (NYSE:CMC)
  • Dillard’s Inc. (NYSE:DDS)
  • Golden Ocean Group (NASDAQ:GOGL)
  • Newmark Group (NASDAQ:NMRK)
  • Wyndham Hotels (NYSE:W.H.)
  • Horizon Champion (NYSE:SKY)
  • Encore Wire Corp. (NASDAQ:WIRE)

Triple A rated stocks: Commercial Metals Co (CMC)

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CMC has been in operation for over a century, opening its doors in 1915. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s no surprise since it only has a market capitalization of $4 billion. That puts it at the lower end of the mid-cap stock range.

But CMC has two strengths at the moment. First, his longevity proves he can handle just about anything the markets and economy throw at him. Second, it recycles, manufactures and markets steel and metal products.

The recycling aspect means that CMC is also a environmental, social and governance (ESG), which is very useful. But this vertical integration also means that it does not depend on many outside inputs for its products. This is a huge advantage when most companies have given up their national means of production.

CMC stock has gained 60% in the past 12 months and 6% in the past three months. Yet the stock only trades at a price-to-earnings (P/E) ratio of 7x and still has a solid 1.7% dividend. He’s a cultivator who sleeps at night, that’s for sure.

This stock has a triple-A rating in my portfolio binder.

Dillard’s Inc (DDS)

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Retailers have been a mixed bag in recent years. This is largely because they had to maintain business during the pandemic and then had to deal with supply chain issues as many garments and other goods are sourced from Asia.

Dillard’s is a mid-cap retailer that’s been in business since 1938. It’s seen its share of crazy markets and challenges. It has approximately 280 stores, primarily focused on the southern and south-central United States, with its deepest penetration in Texas and Florida. It also has around thirty customs clearance centres.

DDS stock has a market capitalization of $5 billion, so it sits squarely in the mid-cap sector. The distributor is a major player in the regions where it operates. It also has a well-built e-commerce operation.

The stock has climbed 170% over the past year, but its current P/E ratio remains around 9x. This is still very attractive, especially as consumer spending remains strong.

This stock has a triple-A rating in my portfolio binder.

Triple-A rated stock: Golden Ocean Group (GOGL)

a freighter in the middle of the oceanSource: VladSV /

One more “O” in the ticker and you have a completely different business. GOGL is not a big tech company. It owns and operates dry bulk shipping vessels.

Even after its 92% run over the past 12 months, the market capitalization of GOGL stock is just below the mid-cap range. But that might not last long.

Dry bulk carriers transport industrial products such as grain, corn, steel, iron ore and containers. These are all essential economic goods and during this supply chain crisis, everything is on deck for GOGL. Its ships generate a lot of business at high rates, which means high margins.

But shipping has always been a cyclical business. However, until supply chain issues are resolved – which could take years – GOGL is well positioned for strong growth.

The real strengths of this stock are that it still trades at a current P/E ratio of less than 5x and has a whopping 18% dividend.

This stock has a triple-A rating in my portfolio binder.

Newmark Group (NMRK)

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When you start a real estate company the same year the Great Depression begins, you are either very unlucky or very prescient. Newmark has done just that and remains a strong force in the full-service commercial real estate industry. This speaks to his ability to gauge risks and opportunities in almost any market.

That’s a good quality to have these days. Newmark offers many solutions to its customers, whether they are looking for a space, renting a space they own or even selling it. For example, former President Donald Trump is believed to have turned to the business when he wanted to sell his Washington, DC hotel last year.

Newmark’s durability in this sector also means that it is exceptionally well connected. And its addition from London-based Knight Frank in 2006 means it also has significant global reach.

But Newmark remains a boutique company with a market capitalization of $3 billion, and that’s after the stock has gained 104% in the past 12 months. It still has a current P/E ratio just a hair below 5x.

This stock has a triple-A rating in my portfolio binder.

Triple-A Rated Stocks: Wyndham (WH) Hotels

Stock AHT: the facade of a hotel with ornate columnsSource: Shutterstock

This mid-cap hotel and resort company is a game targeted at consumers and businesses returning to road, rail and air. Wyndham owns and manages hotels and resorts — nearly 9,000 properties and 22 brands — but it also franchises properties.

Franchising means that the parent company can reduce its risk of overextending its operations and expenses. And Wyndham may also receive management fees for operating franchised properties.

If the name Wyndham doesn’t sound familiar to you, I’m sure some of its brands do: La Quinta, Ramada, Days Inn, Microtel, and Wingate, to name a few. It also has high-end properties under the Register, Dolce, Tryp and other select brands.

These brands may be familiar in the United States, but Wyndham has properties in 95 countries. It has a wide reach and some of the most iconic brands in hospitality.

WH stock is up 38% in the past 12 months, and that’s when the omicron variant phased out travel towards the end of 2021. This year is set to see high numbers which are likely to continue as the industry of travel bounces. And given its price variety, business will grow.

This stock has a triple-A rating in my portfolio binder.

Champion Skyline (SKY)

Hands holding miniature house and keysSource: Shutterstock

A new trend gaining momentum since the pandemic is people’s desire to get away from it all and simplify. This is great news for SKY, as it is the leading builder of mobile and modular homes in North America.

The company has customers ranging from retirees more interested in location than a big house, to young people finding a place, owning a small house and building their careers. The latter is much easier to do when working from home, which has grown in popularity. And many modular and mobile home communities are meeting this new wave of customers with much nicer facilities.

There’s a whole industry evolution going on here, and Skyline Champion is a market leader. Its stock is up 88% over the past 12 months and is trading at the current P/E ratio close to 30x. And of course, it’s one of my triple-A rated stocks.

This stock has a triple-A rating in my portfolio binder.

Triple-A Rated Stock: Encore Wire Corp (WIRE)

A conceptual image of electricity flowing between two disconnected power cables.Source: ESB Professional /

When investors talk and think about real estate or property, the one thing they rarely think about is the key infrastructure components involved. For example, there is a metal that is said to have a doctorate in economics. Sometimes it’s called Dr. Copper.

Copper wiring is essential for economic expansion as it is used in commercial and residential construction, vehicle production, telecommunications, and a host of other industries. When the price of copper increases, it is considered a main indicator of economic expansion. When it drops, the opposite is true.

Encore Wire is a leader in copper wire for commercial, residential and industrial buildings. Copper prices are now at historic highs. This means that there is a lot of demand there. And given the new infrastructure bill as well as housing demand, this trend will continue for some time.

WIRE stock has gained 77% over the past 12 months, but has a current P/E ratio hovering around 5x.

This stock has a triple-A rating in my portfolio binder.

As of the date of publication, Louis Navellier holds positions in CMC, DDS, GOGL, NMRK, SKY and WIRE in this article. Louis Navellier has held (neither directly nor indirectly) any other position in the securities mentioned in this article.

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