CITY OF NEBRASKA – Nebraska City Council is scheduled to meet at 6 p.m. on Tuesday, July 6 at the Rowe Safety Complex.

The agenda includes the 2021 asphalt paving, the sale of the EMS house and the Eagles Fraternal Order beer garden for a United Way fundraiser on August 15th.

A public hearing on the Economic Development Growth Fund and a quarterly report from the Veterans Memorial Building are also scheduled.

Renewals are planned, including John Callen and Gary Sasse on the Adjustment Council; Kirby Bohl and Jason McNeely on the planning committee; and Vaughn Hammond and Andrew Zahn at the Trees Plateau.

An order is proposed to evacuate part of Fourth Street between 12e and 13e corsos and sell the property to Ronnie Schalk for $ 100.

A closed-door session is expected regarding a claim filed by Ericka Foyt for alleged damages resulting from an interaction with Nebraska City Police on June 30, 2020.

The Wildwood Period House is planning its annual All-Star Party on September 11th. A portion of the Wildwood Golf Course is in demand for the Lincoln, Omaha, and Nebraska City Astronomy Clubs after 8 PM.

The Veterans Memorial Building Quarterly Report says architect Leo A Daly and general contractor Cheever Construction are very involved on a daily basis, as well as the City of Nebraska Facilities Manager.

Electrical phase 3 has been added to the building, which serves the elevator and 14 heating and cooling units.

ADA toilets have been installed on all three floors. A family toilet is located in the basement.

The report states that it was difficult to install ducts, sprinkler lines, refrigerant lines and plumbing in the walls and thick floors of the 1929 building.

The sprinkler system includes the stage ceiling, which is 38 feet above the stage floor.

The Nebraska City Economic Growth Fund has prepared a 2021 semi-annual report.

The fund has $ 205,616 and a balance on outstanding loans of $ 483,978.

City council will consider the request for $ 1.2 million in US bailout funds, which must be spent by 2026. City administrator Lou Leone said the deadline for submitting an application to the state was July 2.

The agenda indicates that Ericka Foyt of Nebraska City filed a claim for damages related to contact with the police on June 30, 2020.

City records indicate that Foyt’s attorney claims the officer, the police department and the city were negligent during an arrest. Foyt claims she suffered injuries, including a broken left wrist, possible nerve damage and damage to her cell phone.

Foyt, 50, was fined $ 500 for obstructing government operations.

City administrator Lou Leone says it has been nine years since the city launched a tender for audit services, but the city is happy with BKD.