Crazy brawl broke out during Texas basketball game


Ahh, you must love a basketball game that features a good ol ‘slobberknocker.

As a fan of the four major sports here in the United States: football, baseball, basketball, and hockey (sorry, football isn’t quite here in my opinion yet), I love when the passions are strong.

Talking about garbage is a given in sports and therefore little skirmishes break out all the time, but a junkyard brawl? Now this is something to see.

The last knockdown on the bridge occurred during a game last night (August 30) at Field House USA in Grapevine.

The video of the fight is short, so we don’t know the full story of what led to it. All we see in the clip is the guy who was called up for the foul pushing one of the guys on the other team which immediately resulted in hell.

You know, I have to admit I took a kick from the ref who didn’t want anything to do with the fight. I think this guy here put his finger on why he didn’t get involved:

The disappointment is that the video cuts out in the middle of the fight and there is no second part of the clip that shows how it all happened. I guess everyone did well, but all bets are off when it comes to Dallas-Fort Worth madness.

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