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Gaetz-Greene’s traveling Freak Show is the future of the GOP

The last time an “America First” MAGA rally was held in Georgia, Republicans lost two seats in the US Senate and America lost what could end up being around $ 6 trillion. Matt Gaetz-Marjorie Taylor-Greene’s Thursday night show probably won’t cost us that much. Just a little time with our family and our dignity. The event kicked off with Representative Jody Hice, who is leading a primary against Republican Brad Rafensperger for Georgia Secretary of State. The crowd changed “Lock Him Up,” which was directed at Raffensperger, whose decision to follow the rule of law (though he is now faltering while standing for re-election) has obviously put him on the wrong side of the game. crowd. With a warm-up act like this, there is no need for an announcer to say, “Let’s get ready to rumble!” The feeling is implied. Gaetz entered the scene first, launching a bunch of populist and demagogic rhetoric (“wars forever”, “socialism”, “rebuild America”, “policeman of the world”, “deep state control simply means that we have a constant goal! ”). He took pictures of the Bushes and the McCains and the Romneys and James Comey and Anthony Faucci. He observed that “Paul Ryan was giving a speech” in California, and added that after Ryan ran for vice-president, the party “literally needed an autopsy.” The result? “This is Donald Trump’s party and I’m a Donald Trump Republican,” Gaetz said. One thing he didn’t talk about was his winger Joel Greenberg’s guilty pleas, including paying a 17-year-old to have sex with the two (which Gaetz has previously denied). Overhung, Greene entered the room in humor, before taking the stage, smiling ear to ear. But her smile belied the populist anger that was apparently boiling within her. She called on Democrats who are demolishing monuments. “You better bet we’ll protect the Stone Mountain monument,” she said of America’s largest Confederation monument. She faked the Mexican accent of a supposed cartel boss by saying how much he loved Joe Biden, who she said wants an “awakened” army. She also referred to the Squad as “the Jihad Squad” and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, “O’Crazyo-Cortez”. Really chic stuff. You see, she’s not a politician. She’s like you. If you’re a jerk like that, at least then why is this happening? First of all, of course, to attract attention. I write about it, as do many others and, for this team and especially Greene who has already been kicked out of their House committees, there is nothing left, but public relations like this are theirs. own reward. Indeed, Gaetz called Thursday’s rally “the world’s greatest political spectacle.” Even in the good old days, Conservative politics were probably half Bill Buckley and half PT Barnum. We were business up front and a party in the back (okay, maybe we didn’t party as hard as Gaetz – which my fellow Beasts report snorting coke with a model with a no-show job in government at a GOP Trump Defender gala in Orlando —And Greene, but you get the point). Today, the entertainment wing has almost completely supplanted the government wing. As Gaetz told Vanity Fair some time ago, “If you don’t make the news, you don’t rule. And Gaetz agrees for now with any news that does not relate to allegations of child sex trafficking. He’s flooding the area (also with headlines about how he’s flirting with a 2024 presidential bid if Trump doesn’t run), which is a great PR strategy, assuming, you know, he isn’t. not charged. The theory that in today’s world curling up and crouching down is seen either as an implicit admission of guilt – or as proof that you take it all seriously. I’m not sure which one would be more detrimental to Gaetz’s brand, but he avoids both like the plague. You’ve heard of the “big lie”, well it’s “the big tour”. Gaetz’s frantic activity is either a sign of innocence or shamelessness. My money is on the latter, but who knows? And that’s the point. He may also think that being on stage with a prominent woman may also, psychologically, lend some cover. Speaking of Greene, she got embroiled in something of her own scandal, having compared the wearing masks to prevent the spread of COVID-19 to Jews forced to wear gold stars in Nazi, Germany. Once upon a time, these kinds of Holocaust comparisons would have been the death knell for a political career, but in today’s Republican Party, it’s a feature, not a bug. Greene, after adopting other crazy theories, managed to make over $ 3 million in the first quarter of the year, after all. Sure, Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy condemned him in a tweet, but it’s probably as harsh as the punishment. Greene doesn’t have to fight to change the subject of her scandal, she does it for fun. To revel in it, I am a rational Jewish person. Marjorie Taylor Greene is nuts, that doesn’t mean there’s no danger in it. Gaetz and Greene may not have the intention of doing it and Trump may not realize it, but this is the first salute of what could be a threat to his deadly grip on the party. . That’s because this tour is proof that anyone – even two humble members of the House – can co-opt Trump’s message, steal his delivery mechanism, and take his show on the road. (Sure, they played a few home games in Florida and Georgia, but they also took their horse and pony show to Arizona – and don’t forget Gaetz’s Liz Cheney trolling trip to Wyoming) . at the uncrowded rally Trump hosted a year ago in Oklahoma. Yet the event infringes on an innovation that Trump had essentially monopolized for about five years. Trump didn’t invent the idea of ​​holding rallies, of course, but he took them to a new level. They weren’t just for the countryside, they were for the government. Plus, you don’t need an invitation to speak; You can simply organize your own event. Not everyone can pack a stadium, of course, but that’s the beauty of teaming up. Gaetz and Greene may not be the packing stages of the Rolling Stones, but maybe Styx and Collective Soul are doing a joint arena tour. What I’m saying is that over time, Trump risks seeing what happened to Sarah Palin. him. At one point, Palin was the only game in town. She was the hot commodity. But once she stepped down as governor of Alaska, she became irrelevant. It took a few years, but a generation of younger, more relevant imitators supplanted it. Now Trump is a better marketer than Palin and he was, after all, the president. Still, you can see why he has to at least fake a 2024 race – and why he has already announced that he will be doing more of his own rallies. Gaetz and Greene clearly aren’t here yet, as the livestream I was watching actually cut right before the duo came back to do some sort of curtain call. Instead, the livestream has shifted to something called (I’m not making that up), “The Right View With Lara Trump”. less than a mile from Capitol Hill. Trump helped create the circumstances in which they would thrive. Even though he is ultimately replaced, he has managed to create a generation of Republicans who share his penchant for self-promotion, his preference for populist politics, and, well, his family values. third tent revival, one-third rock concert and one-third circus – and it was quite an abnormal spectacle. All this to say that it was a resounding success in the Republican Party today. Expect other MAGA types to start replicating this idea. The devil (‘s) has come down to Georgia. For more, check out The Daily Beast. Get our best stories delivered to your inbox every day Sign up now! Daily Beast Membership: Beast Inside delves deeper into the stories that matter to you. Learn more.

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