Launch of Vytal to provide consumers with frictionless prescription management and delivery


New direct-to-consumer healthcare business connects manufacturers, patients, providers, pharmacies and telehealth platforms through end-to-end e-commerce platform as a service

SAN DIEGO, April 6, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Vytal, a healthcare technology company, today announced the launch of its platform as a service, VytalOS, to deliver comprehensive and compliant technology solutions that enable manufacturers, pharmacies, supplier networks, e-commerce companies wellness and virtual health platforms to collaborate. to manage, develop and improve their operations. Vytal’s online platform provides a convenient way to work directly with patients to manage and order prescriptions and over-the-counter medications on one easy-to-use platform.

The consequences of non-adherence to medication are detrimental. Each year, nonadherence leads to illness, death and costs the U.S. health care system as much as $ 528 billion. Vytal aims to tackle the problem of non-filled prescriptions and provide consumers with a platform that meets the growing demand for more accessible services and products to make it easier than ever for them to take control of their health.

“The healthcare industry needs a solution that allows partners, patients and providers to interact on a single platform and streamline experiences,” said Jeremy V. Gross, co-founder and CEO of Vytal. “Vytal enables our partners to create and administer compliant programs directly to the patient in a fraction of the time and at a lower cost than what is typically required to create and manage an e-commerce site. “

Patients looking for over-the-counter drugs, medical devices, or prescription drugs can browse and make purchases through sites built on VytalOS, then have their order delivered to their front door. Vytal is able to request or transfer prescriptions from a patient’s physician, which are then automatically reloaded and continuously dispensed to patients with little effort on their part. VytalOS will offer flexible payment options with the ability to use discount cards, HSA accounts and alternative funding to make personal health care more affordable.

VytalOS also provides manufacturers with an engaging web experience for offering their products online for delivery directly to patients. The platform streamlines partners’ ability to build and host Promotion Review Board compliant e-commerce sites for their brands, allowing them to reach consumers seamlessly and efficiently. As part of this technology, sellers can integrate the order flow directly into their website and use Vytal’s API for backend execution.

“When we decided to create Vytal, we wanted to help potential partners with all aspects of their e-commerce business,” said Aaron Ferguson, co-founder and COO at Vytal. “Whether our partners are starting from scratch or looking for integration through our rich set of APIs, we’ve designed Vytal to meet the needs of businesses of all stages and sizes. “

Vytal also works with partners to create personalized marketing and personalized packaging to deliver an engaging patient experience. Vytal takes care of the administrative work required for prescribing and order management, such as billing, and is able to communicate directly with patients.

Pharmaceutical maker Acella Pharmaceuticals has several of its acne, thyroid and prenatal products on the platform. Now patients can access prescriptions and over-the-counter medications by ordering directly through Vytal.

Vytal continues to offer new products online and is actively seeking partners for collaboration. For more information visit

About Vytal
Vytal is a healthcare technology company providing comprehensive and compliant technology solutions that enable manufacturers, pharmacies, supplier networks, wellness e-commerce companies and virtual health platforms to manage, develop and deliver evolve their operations. Vytal’s data-driven direct-to-patient e-commerce platform enables healthcare manufacturers to reach patients and build brand awareness. For more information visit

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