Matador offers mortgages through Axylyum Charter’s AXY envelope

Axylyum Charter, the parent company of growth aid product AXY Wrap, has entered into an agreement with Matador Lending. Effective immediately, all loans in the Matador Lending portfolio are optioned through Axylyum Charter’s proprietary product, AXY Wrap. AXY Wrap acts as collateral for retail and wholesale private lenders. In the event of default, Axylyum Charter acquires the distressed asset at 100% of the origination price.

“Wrapping” a portfolio with AXY Wrap accomplishes what was previously unheard of in the industry – it eliminates the significant risk of financial loss associated with an asset in default.

“We are honored to have the opportunity to work with Matador Lending and his management team,” said Jane Petroff, Director of Capital Markets at Axylyum Charter. “Well known in the industry, Matador Lending is not only respected – it is what many private lending companies strive to be. We are excited to be part of their growth strategy.

Matador Lending serves the Texas, California, Georgia and Florida markets, with plans to expand into other states.

“We were looking for a way to provide our borrowers with more efficient lending products when they don’t qualify for agency loans,” says Apurva Sanghavi, president of Matador Lending. “Our partnership with Axylyum Charter helps us accomplish this by allowing us to lend with confidence to borrowers who may not have been qualified in the past. We are very excited and look forward to working together.”

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