Mr. Bubble celebrates his 60th birthday with new products, including one to help kids sleep


For 60 years, Mr. Bubble makes bath time more fun for kids.

The iconic bubble bath is celebrating its anniversary this year with the launch of three new products, one of which is designed to help children sleep.

“After a long winter indoors, children’s energy levels can make it a bit more difficult to sleep. This is where a hot bubble bath can not only help entertain, but also soothe and settle toddlers before bed, ”Mr. Bubble said in a press release.

Sleep would have been a problem for many people during the Covid pandemic19.

“The families have had a difficult year. Kids always deserve to have fun, but especially now everyone can enjoy it more. For the past 60 years, Mr. Bubble has represented an easy way for parents to clean up their kids with lots of laughs, ”says Michelle Hanson, vice president of marketing at The Village Company.

The new products are Calm & Sleep bubble bath, Fizzy Tub and Clean Skin4in1 colors. They are now available online and will be available at Walmart on April 10.

  • The Calm & Sleep Bubble has a blend of lavender, eucalyptus and chamomile scents with aloe and vitamin E to hydrate. It contains no dyes or parabens and does not contain any phthalates. The cost is $ 4.99 for a 36 ounce bottle.
  • Fizzy Tub Colors are bath tablets in red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple that come in a jar of 150 or a pack of nine. Some tablets have letters of the alphabet. A mixing guide for matching colors to create new colors is included. The tables also contain “Bitterguard” discouraging children from eating them. The Jumbo Jar sells for $ 6.99 and the new pack sells for $ 1.29.
  • Clean Skin 4in1 can be used as a bubble bath, shower gel, shampoo and conditioner. It is soft and hypoallergenic and contains no coloring or fragrance. It also contains aloe and shea butter. The cost of a 16 ounce bottle is $ 4.99.

According to Mr. Bubble, the company was founded in 1961 in North Dakota “when Harold Schafer and the Gold Seal Company found a way to make bubble baths more affordable, moving them from department stores to drugstores.

Mr. Bubble’s original formula used powdered bubble flakes that promised to make cleaning almost as fun as getting dirty. The Mr. Bubble brand has been owned by The Village Company, which has been based in Twin Cities since 2008, and the signature bubble bath has been reformulated over the years to create even more bubbles with a milder formula.


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