Rent assistance programs for Southeast Texans at risk of eviction


Many Southeast Texas nonprofits offer rental assistance for those who qualify.

The federal moratorium on evictions expired on Saturday, July 31, 2021 and many tenants are wondering where to go to benefit from rental assistance programs.

The moratorium was aimed at keeping people in their homes and out of crowded places, including homeless shelters, to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

the Ordinance of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention first entered into force in September 2020 and was originally scheduled to expire at the end of the same year. However, the moratorium has been extended several times.

The initial deportation ban was approved by lawmakers as part of a massive COVID-19 relief bill in March 2020. As one of President Joe Biden’s first acts, he has ordered its extension until March 31, 2021.

Last month, the Supreme Court allowed the order to continue until July 31, 2021, but said congressional action would be needed to extend it beyond that date.

A viewer told 12News his rent was $ 190 per week and if he couldn’t pay it was an additional $ 45. Another viewer said in part that “the rent is outrageous. We can barely rent a house for $ 1,400 a month.

The expiration comes as cases increase across the country, with the highly transmissible delta variant spreading faster in areas with low vaccination rates.

Many Southeast Texas nonprofits offer rental assistance to Southeast Texans for those who qualify.

  • 2350 I-10 East Beaumont, Texas
  • 409-892-1092
  • Housing programs range from emergency rent assistance to funds for utility or energy bills.
  • This is a homeless prevention service for Jefferson County. There can also be furniture for a new apartment, placement and more.

Jefferson County Free Referral Line

  • 877-541-7905
  • Low to moderate income families can be referred to various nonprofits, charities, or churches that can help pay rental fees.
  • They can also learn about short-term housing, government grants, and other emergency financial assistance to pay rent.

Department of Community Development

  • 801, rue Main Beaumont, TX 77704
  • (409) 880-3768
  • Homelessness prevention and rehousing services are provided to the working poor and low income.

Jefferson County DHS – Department of Social Services

  • 409-981-5920
  • Services for people with disabilities, rent information or subsidies in the form of financial assistance, food stamps and other supports are offered.

Office de l’Habitat de la Ville de Beaumont

  • 1890 avenue Laurel Beaumont, TX 77701
  • (409) 951-7200
  • Resources range from Section 8 rental vouchers to social housing and placement in low-income apartments.

Southeast Texas Catholic Charities

  • 2780 Eastex Freeway Beaumont, TX 77703
  • (409) -924-4400
  • The charity would only have referrals.
  • A shelter for women or single mothers, information about loan programs for home repairs or rent arrears, and other supports are intended for tenants.

Jefferson County Legal Aid

  • 2345 I-10 Frontage Road Ste 3 Beaumont, Texas 77702
  • (409) 835-4971
  • Assistance and advice is available from lawyers.
  • Get help with resolving Section 8 denials, eviction assistance, payday lender or loan disputes, access to housing, and more.

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