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AUSTIN, Texas, October 19, 2021 / PRNewswire / – David Engelman, Founder and CEO of SMART Payment Plan has written a new version of his book, Live Smart, Be Happy: 23 Simple Concepts for an Easier, Happier Life “with tips to help people take control of their finances – and their lives. His book quickly became an Amazon bestseller and is available at .com / dp / B09HSHLT65.

SMART Payment Plan CEO’s Book Becomes Amazon’s Best Seller.

The goal of the SMART payment plan is to make peoplehis life is easier and less stressful, ”says David. Live smart. Be Happy. “Is an extension of this, showing people not only how to improve their financial well-being, but their overall well-being.”

The 23 concepts of Live smart. Be Happy “covers spending, savings and debt, but also motivation, achievement of life goals, vision and belief, and more – concepts David learned are essential in creating a more life. happy and more successful.

David founded SMART Payment Plan in 2003 to be the country’s most reliable, easy and flexible bill payment service. Since then, SMART has helped hundreds of thousands of customers across the United States make bill payments easier, pay off loans faster, improve their cash flow, and even automate their savings with their business plan. ‘SMART savings. With its combination of the most advanced processing systems, the best people, and a relentless focus on customer service, SMART Payment Plan is America’s premier bill payment service.

They should call it the EASY plan because it makes my life easier, ”said one SMART payment plan customer. Paying my bills and getting it done between paydays is so much easier with lower bill payments happening automatically when I’m paid. “

The SMART Payment Plan simplifies budgeting and organizes invoice payment schedules that meet the financial needs of its customers. Thiss The “Set-It-and-Forget-It” process helps customers stay on track while improving their cash flow. 95% of Americans get paid weekly, biweekly, twice a month and up to 80% of Americans live on a paycheck. At paycheck, the need for a SMART payment plan continues to grow.

The book of david Live smart. Be Happy “is more than personal finance, he said. Thiss on how to create an easier, happier life. “

About the SMART Payment Plan

Since 2003, SMART Payment Plan has helped hundreds of thousands of customers get lower and easier payments for loans and bills, pay off loans faster, and make their financial lives easier by matching automated loan payments. and lower bills than their paydays.


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