Statewide: limiting payday loans; The debate over police using military vehicles


In this episode, we take a look at a new law that caps interest rates and fees on payday loans. While some say the lenders are using predatory practices, others say the problem is rooted in systemic racism.

We’ll also hear from an expert explain why southern Illinois might have less representation when Illinois loses a seat in Congress.

And we hear about a central Illinois sheriff who wants to buy an armored vehicle for law enforcement and why some are against the idea.

This week:

* John Shaw, director of the Paul Simon Public Policy Institute, discusses the announcement that Illinois will lose a seat in Congress. He says southern Illinois is likely to have less representation in Congress.

* We hear about a new Illinois law to cap interest rates and fees on payday loans.

* Dan Mihalopolus of WBEZ has more information on an investigation into allegations of sexual misconduct by Chicago Park District employees.

* Christine Herman of the Illinois Newsroom explains the changes to help new moms in the state maintain health insurance.

* Jonathon Ahl reports on the outlook for the barge industry as part of the green energy movement.

* Katie Peikes with Harvest Public Media tells us the story of a town in Iowa raising its dike to protect itself from flooding.

* Mary Hansen overhears the Sangamon County Sheriff talking about his efforts to buy an armored vehicle for the community and from an opponent who calls it a bad idea.

* Sean Crawford speaks with political science professor Chris Mooney about what he says is the least representative body of government, the US Senate.

* WCBU’s Tim Shelley tells us about people experiencing the side effects of COVID-19.

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