Texas Winter Crisis: Ford lends F-150 pickups as generators


Ford dealers loan trucks to desperate Texans to use as generators.

Hundreds of thousands of Texas residents are entering a fifth day without heat or electricity amid a cold-weather crisis that has killed at least two dozen people.

Ford dealers, meanwhile, have extra generators all over their lots … in the form of unsold 2021 Ford F-150 pickups. These generators could be used to power ovens, recharge battery-powered devices, and meet other electrical needs.

According to Ford, there are at least 415 trucks with generators sitting on dealer lots in Texas. He asked dealers to make them available to residents, even offering dealers a bonus of $ 600 for each truck they temporarily move into the loan fleet so they can more easily send them to neighbors in need. .

Some examples of the F-150, a new design for the 2021 model year, include an optional 2-kilowatt generator. A more powerful 2.4 kilowatt generator is standard on the F-150 hybrids. Even at maximum load, Ford says, it should run for 85 hours with a full tank of gasoline. A 7.2 kilowatt version valid for 32 hours at full load is an optional upgrade. The generator provides electricity through a simple 120 volt outlet in the truck bed.

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