Trump slams ‘radical racist prosecutors’ again – this time for Mazars Rift

Former President Donald Trump again alleged on Sunday that “radical racist prosecutors” were to blame for investigating his financial dealings after his longtime accounting firm dropped him as a client this month.

Mazars USA publicly announced in a Feb. 9 letter that it will no longer work for the Trump Organization and that a decade of financial statements cannot be “relied.”

The decision was based on a recent filing by New York Attorney General Letitia James alleging the organization used fraudulent or misleading financial statements from 2011 to 2020 to obtain benefits such as loans and tax deductions. James and the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office each conducted investigations into Trump’s private business dealings amid allegations that he and his family committed fraud.

In Trump’s statement, the former president said Mazars let him go because they were “harassed, abused and scared” by prosecutors. He also alleged that those investigating him were “racist” – a comment he often makes when prosecutors involved in cases against him are black.

“My long-time accounting firm has not left me for any other reason than they have been harassed, abused and scared by DAs and AGs who have threatened them with indictment and ruin for years,” began Trump in the statement. “They were ‘broken’ by these radical left racist prosecutors and couldn’t take it anymore.”

However, Mazars said in a statement that he was performing his work for the Trump Organization “in accordance with professional standards.”

“Their disclaimer in the financials has said pretty much the same thing for years. My business is amazing with some of the biggest assets in the world and very low debt. Plus we’re full of cash !” he concluded.

Getting dropped by Mazars marks a blow for Trump amid ongoing investigations, and legal experts have noted the firm could now serve as a “valuable” asset to prosecutors.

Earlier this week, a New York judge ordered that the former president and his two children, Ivanka and Donald Trump Jr., must testify under oath about his company’s finances as part of James’ investigation.

“There should be no doubt that this is a legal investigation and that we have legitimate reasons to seek the testimony of Donald J. Trump, Donald J. Trump, Jr. and Ivanka Trump. We will continue to to follow the facts and to ensure that no one is above the law,” James said recently. Newsweek.

Additionally, Mazars’ letter contained a Bates number indicating 00525838, a legal term that experts say could mean the company has already turned over at least 525,838 pages of financial documents to prosecutors.

Former President Donald Trump, recently let go by accounting firm Mazars as a client, claimed on Sunday that prosecutors investigating his financial dealings were “radical” and “racist”. Above, Trump speaks at a Jan. 29 rally in Conroe, Texas.
Brandon Bell/Getty Images

Trump has long maintained his innocence in his financial dealings and has called the investigations a politically motivated attack on his family. Last month he slammed prosecutors for being “racist” and urged his supporters to stage nationwide protests if investigators did “anything illegal”.

“They have been going after my business for years, many years, using every trick in the book to try to literally, if they can, put me in jail. They want to put me in jail,” a- he told his supporters. at a rally in Texas. “If these radical, vicious, racist prosecutors do anything wrong or illegal, I hope we have in this country the biggest protest we’ve ever had in Washington D.C., New York, Atlanta, and anywhere else because that our country and our elections are corrupt.”

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