WOW2: Women Pioneers of July and Events in Our History

“…we have come together to protest against a form of government existing without the consent of the governed – to declare our right to be free as man is free, to be represented in the government which we are taxed to support. ..” – Elizabeth Cady Stanton, at the Seneca Falls Convention in 1848

I believe that the rights of women and
girls is the unfinished business of
the 21st century.

— Hillary Clinton


“We are not really fools, nor are we angels,
But very human beings, human just as much as you.
It’s hard sometimes to be powerful and sublime
When one is called incompetent three quarters of the time.

– Alice Duer Miller Are women people?

WOW2 is a four times a month sister blog to This week in the war on women. This edition covers women pioneers and the events of From July 25 to July 31.

The next episode of WOW2 will be on August 6, 2022.


The goal of WOW2 is to discover and honor accomplished women, including those who have been ignored or marginalized in most history books, and to mark moments in women’s history. It also serves as a reference archive on women’s history. There are so many more phenomenal women than I ever dreamed of finding, and too often their stories are almost unknown even to feminists and scholars.

These pioneers have much to teach us about perseverance in the face of overwhelming odds. I hope you find as much inspiration as I do in reclaiming our past..



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